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Unscrambler belts are sponge and fabric covered that are used on machinery to orient bottles onto a feed conveyor.

Base belt with vee guide
These belts are normally 1-1/2 and 2 inch wide and use an ‘O’ section guide for tracking.

Timing belt / Gear belt style
The fabric sponge cover is adhered to a timing belt.

Polyurethane Twin A style
The fabric sponge cover is adhered to a urethane Twin A reinforced base belt.

We offer 2 styles of fabric, Nylon or Lycra. Nylon fabric on a medium/soft sponge for general bottle handling. Lycra fabric is backed by a medium density sponge for an irregular shaped bottle and for high speed applications. The fabric edges are rolled under to minimize wear and all splices are glued and sewn. These belts are direct replacement belts for equipment such as New England Machine and Pace Packaging.

All popular sizes are in stock for same day shipping.